acting so leave

November 26, 2008
By sash seamans, Ashland, NE

I fake a bright smile.
I forge a warm laugh.
I act as though no vile,
Things are in my past.

I pretend to be good;
Although I am not.
I don't do as I should,
And I pray not to get caught.

I say I am fine,
When I'm as far as can be.
For I'm running out of time,
To turn into me.

But I shouldn't complain,
As I often do,
About all the pain,
As I don't consider you.

We are the same:
Future, present, past.
We share all the pain.
Together, we run away fast.

The author's comments:
i wrote this last year when i was feeling like the only person who understood me was my then-boyfriend, jacob. i really didn't know who i wanted to be (and still don't).

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