She's There: A poem deticated to Vida Golubovic

November 26, 2008
You think you’re clever
That you’ll hide forever
But I can see
Your misery
Your mother’s gone
Your dad’s busy
Your sister’s sad
No one’s happy
But she’s still here
And she’s not
She’s still here
But she’s lost a lot
She may not speak
And may not see
And may not think
And may not read
But she’s there
And always will be
So go to her
And shed a tear
And pray to keep her
One more year.

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vidagolubovic said...
Jul. 25, 2009 at 4:36 pm
omg katie. this is vida. i was googling my name and i found this poem. wow. why didn't you tell me you made this?? message me on myspace or call me or something. wow. this is really sweet. ilylas2. ://
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