Simply Seventeen

November 26, 2008
By Shawniqua Moultrie, Clarence Center, NY

Born a midget in the eyes of the world
I slowly transformed into a one year old girl

My mother focuses on me as I mature daily
With tears in her eyes; I’m no longer a baby
She looks back on moments when she carried me to bed
Knowing that it is me who carries her to her room instead

I grow older by the day, but my mind fills with wonder
And imagination refills my brain as if I were younger

My mother’s eyes light up the room with each passing day
As she watches my shadow while I walk away
Off to school, then back home again
She looks to the skies and screams out “AMEN!”

She holds me tightly in her arms, as if I’d float away
I wonder how she’ll feel on Graduation Day

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