My Umbrella

November 26, 2008
its pouring down
the world is raining
on our parade

those who are above me
those in authority
those who are supposed to be my umbrella
my protectors
are now the rain

its wet
its cold
it wants to drown me

then you come along
and shelter me from the rain
taking the cold and wet
taking all that they can throw
just to protect me

im curled up in yor arms
your jacket around us both
no ones ever taken on the rain
the thunder and lightning
just to be with me
no ones ever cared

you face the storm head on
pushing me behind your back
you pull out your sword
ready to fight to the death

then the clouds part
and the sun shines down
everything is gone
the storm is over

you come to me
and get down on your knee
pull out a ring and ask
will you marry me

water rolls down me cheek
not rain
but tears
i throw myself into your arms

i do ido
i cry
as we stand
you take me into our kingdom
nothing else can enter
because nothing knows this love

you still protect me
not letting the rain fall
but the skys are always clear
because you're here

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