I'm Tired

November 26, 2008
I don't think anyone quite understands me a lot of times.
With my pink and gold hair and my green shoes.
I don't think anyone cares about me most of the time.
I know that know no one will figure out what this all means.
...But it's okay.

I'm going through some s** that may seem small.
Or perhaps extremely enormous depending on how you call
I wish that people would sometimes go away.
And then sometimes I wish that I could have some space.

I got into some s** this year that I probably shouldn't have.
Dug my grave deeper and farther away from god.
In the beginning of the year, I was alone
Far from my family, far from my friends, into the unknown

I ended up going across the globe
And found friends that I didn’t even know 3 months ago
All so different in more ways then one
And perhaps I was having way too much fun.

Then the ball hit me, when my uncle passed away.
I started smoking, I stopped breathing
I started drinking, I stopped caring
I started dying, I stopped living.

Even after the previous, more events occur.
I got stabbed, I got dropped, and I stepped out in front of a car
I’m dying inside each and everyday.
This is my life, and this is what I have to say.

What can I do when the world stops in place.
and it seems like all people do these days
is smoke pack after pack and drink case after case.

How can I be myself when the world looks at you
thinking how embarressing it must be to be me
and wondering why I must be a certain way to be cool.

Where has the time come when we used to be little tots,
and we didn't have any worries, fights, or relationships
back in the days of circle circle dot dot now I have a cootie shot.

These days it seems like people care so much about appearance
what they are wearing, and who they are talking to.
that they lose the sight of what truely matters on the worlds fence.

When will the day come when people start to see
that the time has come for a change in the society
and to stand up and get out and vote for the nominee

Who is going to be the one to break out of the mold
and be the person to say what they want to say
and be who they want to be and see that your never too old.

Never too old to get out in the world and make a change
to make a difference in someone's life that really matters.
and be proud of what you have accomplished in this day and age.

When will people drop their addictions and stop and see
that with every minute you waste on fantasy can be on a tree.
to grow in a place where there are no fees to love to be.

The day has come when you see the world on fire
so much chaos and destruction amongst each other
it's times like these where I can say that I'm tired.

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