Crush Across the Country

November 25, 2008
By Johnna White, Brandon, MS

he said, "well...out of the 6.4 billion people on earth, theres no reason to want to be up north just to see me"

she said, "well... out of the 20.5 billion people in the world i could give you enough reasons why i would want to be up north, just to see you"

Boyce Way

I say your name and tears stream down my cheeks, like a river flowing through different states.
These states keep us apart, this land
so wide but free, I don't understand
if just for you, I'd make a stand
but I can't and the tears fall straight to my hands.

A voice of prayer says your name
to calm me down when known you might not be safe
a second can pass and nothing left in either place, what about my heart I'd leave it in the race. If you were the prize there would be nothing stopping me from getting first place.

Why does this happen?
I remember your smile, beautiful and loving. I couldn't compare it to anything.
Sitting beside you listening to you sing, the way you said my name like an angels ring, when you held my hand I had angels wings, in my stomach tickling it made me smile it was perfect for as long as a while

Thinking back when we danced under the stars, dark during the night, the kiss under no light, eyes closed us out of sight, I picture you in my mind thinking, wishing we could just rewind...

Don't forget how much you mean to me
I didn't want to go, I didn't want to leave with out saying goodbye and now that I think of it, I just cry

I hope we get the same group this time, I hope camp seems longer, I hope when I look in your eyes I wont cry, and I hope that you keep safe and I sigh, you beauty crosses my mind

This so called "Crush Across the Country" might be more than a northern boy and southern bell ever thought could be (: no one knows what the future holds but I'm sure you wont be apart from me

The author's comments:
This is for Boyce, I love you

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