My Favorite High

November 25, 2008
By Laura Copfer, Seattle, WA

I srtive to find the words to say
whenever you are near
And when I have a bad day
you know the words I need to hear

The joy you've brought to my life
is enough to make me cry
Drugs don't have a thing on you
baby, you are my favorite high

This is just the beginning
of everything we'll have
And even through the bad days
we'll always find some laughs

Everyday you find a way
to sweep me off my feet
And every night you are there
in each and every dream

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece for my boyfriend. We are in the early stages of our relationship, but he is already sweeping me off my feet. He cares so much and he doesn't mind showing it. This poem was very personal to his life and our relationship, mainly from two sections of the writing. Once when it talks about him being my favorite high, because if it weren't for him, drugs probably would have taken my life. Now I am clean. The second, is when it it talks about having laughs in the hard times. This is important because he always feels like he is messing something up. He's had a rough life. And I wanted to show him that it's ok to make mistakes and I will be there to help him find the good things and help him through the bad. He is so amazing and I wanted to show him just that.

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