High Expections

November 25, 2008
By Joan Foster, Charlotte, NC

You always feel inadequate.
Maybe a little shame.
You’ve tried your best.
But still you’re behind in the game.
Everyone knows her.
But no one knows your name.
Stuck in your own world.
A world full of anger, frustration and pain.
Falling short of expectations.
Not living up to the name.
What do you have to do to get some attention?
You’re crying out but no one will listen.
Constantly trying to compete.
Feeling broken down and beat.
Everyday being defeated
Always mistreated
“I’m just as good” you pleaded.
When it comes to you
there’s never enough patients.
Stuck and misplaced you think.
Easily manipulated and intimidated.
I hope your fate isn’t tainted

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