An Addiction

November 25, 2008
By robertomano24 SILVER, Franklin, Ohio
robertomano24 SILVER, Franklin, Ohio
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When the lights go out,
The voices begin to shout,
My heart begins to choose..
To listen is to lose.
But the voices grow stronger,
And the temptations last longer,
My body takes control,
It destroys what's left of my soul,
Even when it screams out no,
I end up laying in snow,
I fall off the saddle,
As I lose another battle,
But remembering that it's sin,
I decide to try again,
But only to see the same fate,
As to hand my head on a plate,
If only I could find a way,
To get my heart to stay,
Where Jesus watches from above,
And holds me with peace and love.
Oh, how I want to be free,
Of these chains holding me,
I don't want this anymore,
But I can't get rid of this sore.
I don't fail to see,
What I'm doing is wrong for me,
I have my grave conviction,
But It's a heart breaking addiction.

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