How To Worship Beauty

November 25, 2008
By Alexandra Markel, Portland, OR

Angels gaze at you through the eyes of a stunning woman
A captivation shows you life is an exquisite dream
Stand before the enemy and don’t meet their swords with your back.
Be steadfast, awake and unafraid of truth.

Come back infused with new life and purpose
Gaze into her face and read the mysteries there
A caged bird begins to make a nest with its own feathers
Isn’t this feeling a part of the universal law?

A crown of pine needles and lilies you place on her shining hair
Perceive the whispering of the rose and the warbling of a finch
Tears glisten the way dewdrops gleam on petals
Draw life from her life and it will heal you.

The heartache of keeping it a secret
The attempt to hide in the corner today
Is formed tomorrow in the middle of the street
And you must shout out in order not to lose it.

The rays of her soul shine from behind the web
Like the sun rises from the morning mist
Feel each other’s agony and bask in it
Open to her as she has opened herself to you.

The hand of destiny played your tune
A week passes where love is your company each night
She gave you the chance to do it right
It was the sacrifice you made for her to be happy.

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