November 25, 2008
Through recycled thrills, they slipped you pills
And into your eyes the drugs have spilled
You smirk, you smile, and you laugh along
While trinkets of poetry and intricate songs
Fade away and your priorities sway
I’m holding my heart as it begins to break
It’s in your eyes—
They’ve lost the ability to dilate.

When your spirit’s dead, relapse to bed
Tucking all you’ve lost between white threads
You’ll cry, you’ll scream, and you’ll fight your best
The straight jacket keeps your arms tight against your chest
Sick inside, too bad inspiration died
You never needed their drugs to medicate
Before the pills—
You buried your symptoms in the art you’d create—

They saw black and white, yet through your sight
Infinite colors and thoughts took flight
You’d see, you’d feel, and you’d comprehend
Everything with depths too vast to fit in there their hands
Too confused, your insides they refused
They locked you inside a room with padded walls
Now trapped inside—
Its dimensions will shrink and onto you they’ll fall.

Looking through you now, I just stare down
How could I stomach to watch you drown?
I’m scared and lost while I’m in between…
Strip off your jacket or watch you break at the seams?
Will you hear though they’ve deafened your ears?
I’ve seen the hidden truth your nurses help to hide
You can't trust them—
For I’m sorry dear friend, but your doctors have lied.

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KLS said...
Dec. 15, 2008 at 6:29 am
I love the Title Pathogen-because pathogen means any organism capable of producing disease... and if I understand it to be true.. you are expressing how we as humans create some of the very diseases in which we try to diagnosis and treat. Especially those in the mental health field. What a vivid expression to acknowledge when considering your own beliefs and values .. EXCELLENT JOB from begining to end!!
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