Mind's Illusion

November 25, 2008
By Elisabeth Popolow, Danville, PA

A soft wind tussles the hair of innocents
As dew drops glistening like the night stars
Adorn the rough skin of the crumbling leaf
I, with wandering eyes
Search for answers concealed
By regret
And travel onward through the dusty
Path I have forbid myself
To tread
Yet young eyes
Burdened with the knowledge
Of a Wiseman
Stumble about the airy
Skies of oppression
Sorrowed only by a heart
As heavy as the earth I
Step on
Ignorant most are
As I am sane
Or maybe,
It is I who is ignorant
For one can only reach
The limitations of one’s mind
The simple, yet complex lands
Of a being’s individuality
Tested by the scale of time
And weighed down
By what once was a tiny pebble
Now a towering boulder
Thoughts twisted and morphed
By envy
And the greed which lurks inside
The mind
Greed, no
But the illusion we
Cast ourselves into
Until we are wallowing,
Drowning in the ocean
Which we’ve wept
And made,
By blood

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