November 25, 2008
By mikeyveganphoto BRONZE, Morgantown, Pennsylvania
mikeyveganphoto BRONZE, Morgantown, Pennsylvania
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The softest thing I ever felt left the largest mark.
I still can remeber the light in the dark.
My negative image in the mirror.
How could I fall for her.
They always said that history repeats.
In a way I guess it did.
What could make me feel this way.
Could it be a past relationship that fell away.
Two people intoxicated from a different drink.
There wasnt enough time for me to think.
For a few seconds I felt nothing.
They always said that history repeats.
In a way i gues it did.
Lips wet with past pain.
One person left who wont feel the same.

The author's comments:
Inspired by a couple rough days.

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