Jelly Bean Journey

November 25, 2008
Jelly Bean Journey

The beans, they did bounce across the lake,
In search for something more suitable.
Waves did thrash them,
Mock and tease,
Telling them they would never make it.

Such claims did not deter them,
Reaching the bank of freedom
With the trees of the forest accepting their presence.

The bears that forced them towards the bank,
Growling and bearing sharp claws,
Cut the beans’ new friends down to size,
Snatching the jellies and throwing them
Into a candy dish unfittingly.

New candies did smile;
The beans possible new friends,
But the beans wanted out,
Their differences not accepted.

With the force of a lollipop,
They snuck out of their prison,
Finding their home once more,
Among the leaves and the healed trees
That forgave them.

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