Victory Lap

November 25, 2008
By Devon McLeod, Norfolk, VA

Never losing, though not gaining ground.
Never losing, never making a sound.
Never losing, in a world upside down.
Always winning, never losing.
Never winning, never losing.
For is one who comes out of a coma a victor?
Or just a delayer of death?
Just as the sun and moon battle to no contest,
Who’s to say which is best?
When it comes to war, no one wins.
But those who died are the losers in the end.
Do not believe in losing, for he is the enemy.
But his brother, victory, has always been a friend to me.
For you who lost, also won.
If in your mind you believe this one.
Only you can determine if you won or lost.
If everyone finishes a race in 25 seconds flat,
Then everyone should take a victory lap.

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