November 25, 2008
By Zach Brown, Lacona, IA

The unknown of the person I love surrounds me…
Does she love me?
She seems mad and people say I deserve better… what should I do?
I love her with all my heart and soul even though she acts like she hates me.
Does she really love me though? Does she really care that I would do anything for her in my power to make her happy?
These unknowns push me to the mental limit that only a few people I know could handle alone……….
I will face this unknown until I either get heart broken oh I am rewarded with the love of the girl I care deeply for.
This girl is not unknown she knows I lover her but I don’t think she loves me.
Her name?
I would rather have her read this and her name appear on this automatically…
As the tears run down my face for her I hope she realizes I love her with all my heart and that this unknown is the biggest of all…….

The author's comments:
heh all i can say is love is a powerfull thing in the all hearts please enjoy.

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