The day you Left

November 25, 2008
By Allison_after_life GOLD, Avondale, Arizona
Allison_after_life GOLD, Avondale, Arizona
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I gaze at the setting sun
The sun reflects off my deep set eyes
Sending Shimmering light into my darkened room
The water runs down my face like a river
This moment seems like forever
I breathe in and out

I take a step towards my bed
Each step feels like I'm on the moon
Each step weighing me down to the ground
I feel weak and unsure of myself
I feel out of place in this dark dismal room
In a foriegn land, forbidden territory
I lie down laying my hands over my chest
I feel my heart beat
If only I could turn off my beating heart
Until you returned
I Breathe in and out

When I lie awake at night I see your face
Each memory pierces through me like a million swords
I feel pain, but only from the fear of forgetting you
I remember your hands so warm
My hands so cold without your hands entwined in mine
I miss when you made my cheeks flush
When you kiss my head
your sweet whispers in my ear
That sharp twang of pain
that shot through my body when we had to say our Goodbyes at the end of the night
But the relief I felt when I knew I would see you in the morning
I breathe in and out

Our last words
Forget me not, my love
It's only see you later not Goodbye
All the doubt in my body flooding through me
I can no longer see through my tear filled eyes
You hold me tight
I can no longer breathe
Believe these words
No matter what happens I'm coming back for you
I look away I hate when you see me cry
You hold my face
Believe these words don't forget
You are my life and without you there is no life
I'm coming back for you.
I close my eyes, that day I can never forget.
I breathe in and out

I look up at the ceiling
I feel sick
I will wait for you
As long as it takes, no matter what
All I feel is that pain
I can't imagine going on without you by my side
I will wait for you
I will just keep breathing
Until you come
I breathe in and out

The author's comments:
My boyfriend just joined the marines two weeks ago. This poem is for him. I miss him very much.

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