November 25, 2008
We dream
Dream to be big
Dream to be loved
Dreamed to be wanted

Dream to be desired
Dream to be known
Dream to be accepted
Dream to be shown

Dreams don’t always come true
A rare thing to see
Yet we strive for them
A futile effort it is for me

Never have mine come true
My dreams at night
Keep me awake
While fear grips my chest and watches me shake

Once I had a dream
A dream no one shall know
For I lost it
I learned

It seems no one’s dreams come true
More are always being made
The ones that did are forgotten
The ones that will never be reached are made

So live in your fantasy that your dreams you’ll reach
I’ll stay here
Alone and weep

Over lost dreams
They left
Not I

A simple figment
Of ones own mind
Never reached

Never taken the time to climb
I’ll stay off that mountain
And it’s dreary paths
Instead I’ll stay safe on the ground

For I know the reality
I won’t be constricted by lies
For I now know how life is to be

No more do I chase after dreams
No more do I try
All they were was lies

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