His Last Breath

November 25, 2008
By Elizabeth Weeks, Bonne Terre, MO

Laying there,
With Coal Black hair,
Looking up at us with blue eyes,
Then all the tears filled and you started to cry,
As time went by you slowly started to die,
With each breath it could be you last,
So we were talking about the past,
Good times,Old times,even the bad times,
Luaging and then,
You started calling for all your kids and grandkids as we all gathered up an the last had walked in you tald us that this was the end,
Then the room got sinlent and we feel to the floor,all crying and deppressed but we aren't anymore for it was only a time of joy,
He is with my Father the Lord,
With that last breath he said goodbye.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this because I was sad on Novemember,17,2008 and that is becasuse my papa as we call him (Grandpa) had past awway.

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