To My Best Friends

November 26, 2008
It's all our crazy sleepovers,
where we stayed up past four.
We played truth or dare and would-you-rather,
made prank calls and more.

It's all our inside jokes,
our laughter and our smiles,
it's embarassing ourselves in public,
and having fun all the while.

It's going to the mall,
practically every Saturday,
and hardly ever returning with anything,
except for a smile on our face.

It's making fun of each other,
but knowing it's all a joke.
It's laughing so hard,
that our drink shoots out our nose.

It's tackling each other to the ground,
making all the others stare.
It's helping each otehr out,
when one of us has been treated unfair.

It's pulling on your backpack,
making you collapse in the hall,
and while others are asking if you're alright,
we're laughing at your fall.

It's "aww"ing at each others crushes,
and trying to get them to like us back.
It's when we steal each others stuff,
and the one robbed screams "attack".

It's always having a special place,
inside each others hearts.
It's being so close,
no one can tear us apart.

It's being together,
until the very end.
All of these things,
are what make us best friends.

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skier28 said...
Dec. 7, 2008 at 8:26 pm
SARA YOU ROCK!!!!!! Heheh I feel so special having a poem about me! So to all you people out there: GIVE IT 5 STARS!!!!!!!!!
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