A Rich Silhouette

November 26, 2008
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Seeking to hide my eternal iniquities
Falling short from the vilest regret
Cursing my illicit fame and glories
Facing the thousand challenges I have met
I will rise above the falsities
And through times of glory I might forget
Even though in all my veracity
That I was once to too, just a simple silhouette

Though pride may be my famed downfall
And neglect for compassion still
I boast no confidence at all
And to hell with all the thrills- of life
I shall think more sincerely, complexion I shall appall
Think highly of my partners until
They've reached their own downfall

I have fallen from the pedestal
I've spent my life to build
But was it all for my own glory?
Or simply just a chance to feel fulfilled?
I think not, it was for my own pride
And by that pried
I would have lived and died

This choice I've made
Is selfless and humble
This life of a lowly monk
I shall live and and pray not crumble

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