Do you remember?

November 25, 2008
By Haily Heath, Vancouver, WA

Do you remember the bitterness of that morning?
How we blew on the window and drew hearts in the fog?
Yours always disappeared before mine.
Do you remember the coldness of that morning?
You handed me your jacket even though you knew you’d freeze?
I tried to hand it back to you, but you wouldn’t listen.
Do you remember the chilliness of that morning?
How you held my hand all the way to the bus stop?
I remember?
I remember how you put your hands on my shoulders ant told me not to worry.
I remember how you promised you wouldn’t change.
But you did.
What happened to the boy I knew?
The trouble maker, the rebel?
Where did he go?
Not endures but change, I know.
Do you remember the calmness of that night?
How you held my hand again as we walked to lake and the field?
How you held my face in between your hands?
And told me you’d be back someday?
And you did come back,
But you’ve changed.
You’re like a solider home from a cold war.
Do you remember how we danced musiclessly under the stars?
Do you remember that?
Or was it just a dream?

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