Exodus from Confusion

November 24, 2008
By Elliot Malta BRONZE, Spring Valley, New York
Elliot Malta BRONZE, Spring Valley, New York
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My life is a maelstrom of swirling feelings and emotions;
I am lost in an eternal corn maze of confusion and illusion.
My heart and mind tear apart my limbs,
My passion and my desire constantly fight my good will.
A never-ending war is confined inside my chest,
My heart is a war drum leading the soldiers to battle.
Abstract is my reality as sane is my insanity,
If only I could find the common ground on which to lay my restless head.
The work of my hands cannot express the sensation of my conscious mind,
Similarly, my legs do not bring my mind to satisfactory locations.
Forever dreaming through the storm, I am passive to the actions of my companions;
This world does not bring me peace of mind therefore to me it is insufficient.
Satisfaction is always lost to me and therefore I never seem content to my peers,
It is true when society tells me that ignorance is happiness.
If only I could not think for myself but instead allowed others to think for me,
I would be like a sheep in the herd; like a single snowflake in the storm.
My creation and demise would be unknown to the knowledgeable planet earth,
The men in their wars, like the men in their homes, would not give a moments notice.
Though open-minded thought is often not pleasurable,
It is difficult to imagine life without it; to be like a bird without wings.
If one cannot fly for oneself then it can be understood that no one else is likely to fly for him,
As if one could live without a soul; As if I could live without the terror that keeps me awake.
Self-created poltergeists taunt me day after day,
They constantly remind me how unsettling my existence has been.
My screams of silence are unheard by those close to me;
My eyes are wet with the tears of one thousand men.
I have a black arrow wedged into my heart and I have yet to find a way to remove it;
I have a feeling of responsibility that drags me into an abyss of unnecessary emotion.
It is not a memoir of pain or suffering rather just one of confusion,
To find oneself lost in the many colored leaves of autumn and not understand why.
A man can know everything about himself,
And strangely enough, live not really knowing anything about himself.
Self-discovery is a journey of great difficulty and tremendous effort,
But it can be achieved; it must be achieved.
To have the oceans waves slowly calm and flow normally for once in a lifetime,
To have peace at least once in this strange world confined in passion.
This is all I desire for the end,
Peace of mind is all I really yearn for,

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