Night of Scares

November 24, 2008
By Bradlee Lewis, Park City, UT

A night of fright
A night of fun
Where evil comes out to play
The spirits of old friends
They dance around
Every corner you turn
Comes a scary surprise
You dress up to fit in
Who is really under the mask?
We never find out
Doorbells get rung
In pursuit of sweet treats
There are teens having parties
To old to trick or treat
But what no one finds out
Is, that Halloween…
Isn’t for the kids or the teens
It’s for the spirits of
Ghost, ghouls, goblins
And those monsters under your bed
It is for them
One night of the year
Where there are no rules
They can be them self’s
Even if it means someone gets hurt
You better watch out
You never no what will happen
On Halloweens’ night
When the werewolves
Are worshipping the
Harvest moon
And the pumpkins
Get revenge
They may even
Give you a new face
Using a knife

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on Dec. 4 2008 at 10:22 pm
hey i really liekd ur poem! its sooo good! u took my FAVORITE holiday and made it into jsut everything that it is. good job! i voted 5 stars =)

please read mine, comment and rate so i can no wut u think...

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