One Moment, Two Currents, One Future

November 24, 2008
The only moment we where alone, we were intoxicated with an aroma of peace
All we could hear is the music around us
All we could feel is what we had
What we felt was so powerful it took two people to contain
The birth and death of day didn’t separate us
Nothing stood in our path
It was like waking from a coma and seeing something you’d never thought you’d see, something you thought couldn’t possibly exist
It’s like feeling something you thought you’d never feel
A force greater than our own forced us apart
The ocean came relentlessly crashing down
Finally we where forced apart, struggling the whole way
We cling to what we can and hope the current, or the future will bring us together
I picture your hand in mine and what we truly had and I feel no regret
I hope because fate is on our side
If it was meant to be then fate will intervene
We did right
It was not your fault
We are in a catastrophe searching for a cure
But we are not alone

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