November 24, 2008
By Sidni Kendall, Manor, PA

I knew my ear had left my head as I heard it leap from my bed.
And down the stairs a tap tap tap… by now I’m lifted from my nap.
Angry now I’ll leave my room only to find a time of doom.
I heard it from the shrieking crow but what the doom was I don’t know.
The window ledge was all I could see I guess my ear was upset with me.
I hummed and whistled calling it near but I could not capture my angry ear.
Down the stairs it rolled away… There was nothing I could do or say.
On top of this unneeded fight I began to lose half my sight.
And what do you know at my ears side rolled up my one rebel eye.
Through one eye it was clear to see my left eye was upset with me.
I caught the drift of something wrong. I was prepared for a night so long.
By minutes passing I had to hop, my right leg left me at the stair top.
So down I rolled, an earless fool, my body had been fairly cruel.
When the night had ended I should have been dead
For all I was, was a half a head!
I attempted to call for help, with half a mouth I could only yelp.
I gave my mouth a sorry looking eye, desperately I began to cry.
My mouth was sorry and incomplete so lovingly it came back to me.
I apologized to every part I said I meant it with half my heart.
The other half came back to me so most parts knew I meant it wholly
My arm, my nostril, hip, and hair all returned but not my ear!
I sang and hummed and made every sound but my ear would not come around.
I used a hook to pierce its lobe. I railed it in and took it home.
It was easy to see my ear wouldn’t listen, so I took it to the kitchen.
I scratched knives together and hit a pan I threatened to throw it threw a fan.
We went to couples therapy but the therapist put the blame on me.
I tried begging, pleading, and force yet my ear showed no remorse.
So desperate and angry there I sat with my ear in a cage on my lap.
I reminisced on times with my ear and on the cage fell a single tear.
In my depression I took a nap only to wake to a tap tap tap.
I thought my ear had gotten away but it had remained in its tiny cage.
It continued knocking at the gate that blocked it from a way to escape.
I sensed the tension leaving slowly I could tell my ear was feeling lonely.
I asked my ear if things were okay it nodded its cartilage but turned away.
I realized it had held some shame I let it know I felt the same.
I opened up the cage towards me trusting the ear in letting it free.
This time the ear leaped from the bed and reconnected to my head

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This article has 2 comments.

primate714 said...
on Dec. 13 2008 at 8:51 pm
An absolutely fabulous work of many great poems by sidni. WOW!

nika a. said...
on Dec. 11 2008 at 10:09 pm
This is really really great.

I would be extremely suprised if it didnt make it in the magazine :-)

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