Moon Light Death

November 24, 2008
By Joseph Duckworth, Gwinn, MI

As the full moon shines
my true love dies
I cry no tears
I only cry my fears

and she says as the moon beams
I will have plenty of dreams
of the days gone by
and then you will die

Twas then she died
down by her side I lied
then noontide came
no more her burning flame

Oh god, I don't understand
you let me take her hand
but then you let her die
Damn why did you let her die!

She was in the prim of life
like a sharped knife
Now I must earn
my spot in heaven with here

Now the fires in hell
soon must tell
If we will be together
or if Ill miss her forever

God I'm on my death bed
and I'm sorry for the life Ive led
No longer shall I lie
dammit let me die!

The author's comments:
My whole life Ive been searching for an outlit to epress myself... I have now found that it is poetry. Many people say I should extend into brighter and happier regions. thats what the told Poe. I find my writing inspired by his works, hence all the death...

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