The Whale and the Leprechaun: An Epic Tale

April 21, 2014
By NightGoddess17 PLATINUM, New City, New York
NightGoddess17 PLATINUM, New City, New York
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Once upon a time
There was a whale and a leprechaun
Rude and immature,
The whale sat on the leprechaun
The leprechaun cried out desperately
“Get off me!”
The whale laughed
Mouth gaping wide, chipped teeth shining
“Not until you tell me a story”
So the leprechaun began
The Story of the Whale and the Leprechaun
Sighing regretfully
Knowing there would be no appeasing the gentle monster
Lungs slowly crushing
The leprechaun would curse the whale
Eyes close to tears
But the whale would eventually see his prankster ways
And succumb to the leprechaun’s tears

Once upon a time
The whale begged the leprechaun to play a game
The leprechaun was never the best at baseball
But the leprechaun still swung the heavy bat
And ran around the bases
Arguing the rules of this two-person match with the whale
The whale scorned the leprechaun
Mocking the leprechaun’s poor skills
And the leprechaun begged to leave
But suddenly, the leprechaun slipped on a new autumn leaf
Skull smashing to the pavement
The leprechaun cursed the whale
Eyes flowing with tears
But the whale placed the leprechaun on his back
Taking the leprechaun on an adventure like Aladdin’s carpet
And the leprechaun secretly thanked the whale
While the whale treated the leprechaun’s wounds
The leprechaun found peace once more
And as the leprechaun lay recovering
The whale sat on the leprechaun
And asked for another story
And the leprechaun complied

Once upon a time
The whale outgrew his childish desires
And slipped into the ocean
Growing and learning how to sing his own stories
Far out of the leprechaun’s reach
And the leprechaun tells the world
The Story of the Whale and the Leprechaun
Wishing that the whale would do the same
Secretly whispering thank you to the waves
The leprechaun spoke
The Story of the Whale and the Leprechaun
And smiled
The End

The author's comments:
This is an ode/epic poem for my brother that I wrote for Sibling's Day. It's mainly about growing up and seeing the world with a more mature eye, so I hope you like it! There's a lot of inside jokes, so if you don't understand, I'm sorry.

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