November 22, 2008
By Hayleigh Robeson, Van Wert, OH

I walk outside,
feeling the wind
go right through me.

As I'm walking,the
tears start to

As I'm walking
I start to think.
I think about
everything that
has happened,
everything I've done.

I started to think
of you,and what you
put me through,to
only find out it was
just a game,and you
didn't care.

As I stop walking
I find myself lost
in my thoughts.I
stop thinking,I find
myself In the
of your gravestone,
on my knees,tears
falling from my

I pull out the blade
and cut away,to join
you,6 feet under.

I never thought I
could love you so
much that I could
hate you.

I stop and watch the
blood empty from me.
I feel the blood dropping
from my wrist.

I fall to the ground
leaving a note in my
"I never thought I
could ever love,until
I met you."

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