The True Story of a Beautiful Broken Backed Hurt Girl

November 22, 2008
She fills her palms with grief and tears
Doesn’t even know if she’ll last another year
She screams from pain, echoing through the white walled room

Her mother, as hideous as rain on the first day of summer
Doesn’t even care
She puts marks into her, marks she’ll always see and never forget

She took a knife she found, her mind was away
Slid it across her daughter’s chest thinking: Oh yes!
Cut the skin down her back and face
Penetrated hatred through her veins

Each cut so easy as it pursued blood from the slit
Her daughter could not scream, cry, or defend
For she had earlier learned, it would only bring her more

She’d used drugs since she was three
Didn’t know they were bad since that’s what her family always used
Now thirteen, she sees
They aren’t all what they’re cracked up to be

She starves her self, doesn’t like the way she looks
Though she’s as beautiful as the girl who flew to the sun
We see past her cuts, bruises, ill mother, and drug addiction

We see the nicest kindest person ever walking on this planet
She smiles at everyone, shielding her ghastly sting
And she’ll sit and furnish you advice for your own problems when she has hers sitting like rain

A year since then, now fourteen and fainting in the health room class
She weighs sixty pounds; she says she hasn’t eaten in two weeks
She heard a scream and gasp as she fell to the ground
“Oh my god!” yelled the teacher so clear and so loud

Cancer is a big scary word she’d told herself silently as she sat on the hospital bed that strange school day
She found to be diagnosed with paranormal cancer
The words hit her like a bullet

She looses hair, making her hate the way she looks even more
People at school now love her; no longer do some of them call her bad names
‘Emo’ and ‘freak’ they used to say

She doesn’t see her mom anymore, the drugs now have stopped
But the cigarettes continue to pile up
“I’m gonna quit though,” she tells her friends

They say she needs to eat, she’s gonna die
All she has to say is, “I’m not gonna die like that”
The cancer will be cured someday they say

But will this beautiful broken backed girl ever be able to smile
Will she see who she really is?
Or will she die with nothing but pain to fill her heart and soul

For the sorrow she has felt, and the sorrow others have felt for her
Will never be replaced
For this is the true story of a beautiful broken backed hurt girl

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