November 22, 2008
By Courtney Jackson, Aumsville, OR

Everyone told me that it wouldn't be easy , at least not at first
But that the beginning would soon be over, and that was always the worst
They told me to just forget you were there
Forget your face…. your hands… your laugh…your hair.
Forget those whispered moonlit calls
Forget how fast you made me fall
Forget the way it felt to be held
Forget the perfect way you smelled
Forget how you would hug me from behind
Forget that when I was with you, everything aligned.
Forget the way my hand seemed to fit perfectly into yours
Forget the way you lifted me up when I was down, and held me as I soared.
Forget that without you, I'm simply…me
Forget that "yours" was all I ever wished to be
Forget that night under the stars when you first spoke those three breath taking words
Forget how strange it is that you would lie. How crazy. How backwards.
Forget that feeling I got when you would hold me close
Forget all those pictures I took, and the crazy way you'd pose
Forget the way everyone stared when I was there with you
Forget that, at one point, you had loved me to
Forget that you were my partner in crime. my hero. my best friend
Forget that you promised we'd be together til’ the end
Forget how you would close your eyes every time you laugh
Forget that you were only ticklish on your lower calf
Remember that there was a point in life that I could breath without you there
Remember that this pain I feel is short, genuine, and rare
Remember that even if you aren't, I am still in love with me
Remember that you didn't punish me by leaving. You set me free.
Remember that night when you said you'd always love me, that I made you stronger
I guess I had just always thought forever would take longer

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