On the Wings of a Nightingale

November 22, 2008
By Courtney Jackson, Aumsville, OR

Take me away as far as see
Where there is no pain or responsibility
Where laughter comes first in the morning light rays
And there are no tears for all of my days
Make it deep in the ocean where the mermaids reside
As the waves encompass me and I simple abide
Where there is no failure or letting him down
Please Mr. nightingale, where I can not be found
Let me embrace your sweet body and sleep in your wings
As the moon gives us light and the fairies all sing.
In our minds we will live, in ours hearts we will dream
Of days of acceptance for our wonderful team
We can soar above hatred and glide beside love
Through the beauties of Eden with our good friend the dove
We will water the poppies with dew from the clouds
And smoke from the calumet with the chief if allowed
The sunshine will kiss us as we soar through the sky
Please Mr. Nightingale just let me fly.

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