November 22, 2008
By paul devita, Clifton, NJ

It isn’t easy being green as many have found
Many famous characters are green
The Hulk, Kermit the frog and a leprechaun
They all are funny, but are sometimes examples
Of how hard it is to be green
The Hulk is a big example
Because if he becomes irritated at someone
He becomes a big green monster
Kermit is funny and is like a ray of sun
He tries to be friends with Miss Piggy
But he has to be careful
If he makes her irritated
He could become her fish bait
Now a leprechaun may have pots of gold
But is always chased around
I’m surprised he could spend it
With all the people who are after it
It isn’t easy being Green as these characters have shown
The color green is cool
But after this I wouldn’t want to be green

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