Ten Questions

November 22, 2008
By Amelia Pie, London, ZZ

Would you lay in the rain with me
If it was the only way you could?
Would you sleep in the light with me
If it was the only way I would?

Would you carry me home at night
If my legs had failed to walk?
Would you carry me up to bed
If all I wanted was to talk?

Would you cover me in your endless arms
If I wanted to feel protected?
Would you place your hands upon my cheeks
If I felt I’d been neglected?

Would you hold me close and not say a word
If I were to tell you my fears?
Would you still think I was beautiful
Though my face was drowned in tears?

Would you tell me you’d loved me forever
If I felt insecure?
Would you hold my hand and squeeze it tight
If I needed it to feel reassured?

The reaoson I ask you these questions
Is because I’m afraid you’ll say no to all ten
And It cuts me so deep just to think
That my heart might get broken again

By someone I love so truly
By someone I thought that I knew
I need to know if you love me
I need to know if I love you

So would you lay with me in the rain
If it was the only way you could?
Cause I’d sleep sound in a storm
If it meant being sure that you would

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