This Love of Mine

November 21, 2008
By Autumn Werle, Brady, TX

He's breakin my heart,
one piece at a time.
Frozen in a moment,
while his hand's still in mine.
The touch is golden,
but the feeling is cold.
I just can't forget it,
and this pain's getting old.

He's breaking my heart,
one piece at a time.
It's fallin a part,
an unnoticed crime.
He'll never be captured,
situation remains.
His face never changes,
my heart's still in chains.
I'm awaiting my rescue,
an unknown hero appears.
I hope he comes quickly,
I hope he is near.

Because he's breaking my heart,
one piece at a time.
I'm starting to crumble,
under this love of mine.

The author's comments:
This never really happened to me, but I'm sure others have felt it before. I've had dreams that portray this type of feeling and things like that but it's just fiction for me. Sad fiction. :(

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