Nothing could I say, As the Sun took away...

November 21, 2008
By Tom Haeussler, North Tonawanda, NY

Upon the Sun’s rising I did weep,
Knowing this day a friend the ground would keep.
Being aware to her unknown despair,
Knowing she shall be no more.
The rising Sun like the first day,
The beginning of the end itself.

With the morning slowly passing,
The very air around her tastes of bitterness
Like a solace never to come.
Feeling the warmth of the Sun id like knowing life sustains,
Yet like the warmth it only for a short time
Hides the secret well of tears.
For all my years count a many,
While her years count all too few.

As the day goes by what shall I say?
Knowing that she will forever go away,
Words cannot describe what pain,
What agony, dwells amongst my soul.
Lingering in my very heart, this deep hole.
My mouth was to open, but words refused to come.
Inside I pondered: although the grass is far beneath me,
Looking at her with the Sun closely following,
How could that which I walk upon be living
While life to her shall no more be giving?

Now half past noon her grave began to loom.
Closer now was the Sun to falling,
Now did I hear the ground her name calling.
Though her heart burns with fire
From the one from whom salvation comes,
In my eyes all I could see was the end,
But to her with the Sun’s setting it was only the beginning.
Still I word I did not speak,
For the right words I still seek.

Still looking into the Sun almost now set,
She is content like a willing sacrifice unto an alter,
But my feeling could not help but falter.
Unknown to her at what happens at the Sun’s final fall
Now everywhere did her name call,
Ringing in my ears and deep within my consciousness.
Nothing could I do now,
The day I thought would be of happiness
Was now turning into the very moment I would most dread.
In the blink of a memory, she now could be dead.

Unto her final moments,
She now gazed upon that which I feared.
Now she knew, into the bleak darkness she peered.
With that final glance she was gone forever,
But the Sun would the next day rise again.
With this Sunset so did all our ties sever.

The author's comments:
This is for a dear friend that has died, and what I would do if I knew she was going to die on that very day.

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