The Ballad of Life and Death

November 21, 2008

Day after day with the same feeling,
Day after day feeling the same thing!
Everyday shrouded in vast loneliness,
Everyday submitting to lowliness!
This life is nothing short of a joke,
Everything I love death will have broke.
Everytime i finally receive peace,
Everything I love will soon cease.
All i ever wanted was the love I had,
Being with her1 made me glad.
Now she is gove forever,
Yet I still long for her,
Yet I can't hate her.
All my life I have felt forsaken
And everything I love has been taken.
I hate living in this place,
I hate life, even if i am saved by grace.
Hold onto a final breath,
As I find one last pleasure with death.
Music soothes the demon in me,
A demon, only I can see.
I know what most will say,
It will always be this way,
Until the final day!
If that is true,
Than why should life, I go through?
In my life by my peers I feel hated,
And thoughts of death I have contemplated.
I have learned how cruel life can be,
Even at a place as peaceful as the sea.
I feel there is no place for me here,
I write my words but am unable to hear.
I can find myself easily amused,
However my talents in art I feel I abuse.
I am an outcast and hated by most,
And in my own faults they boast.
I can not change who I am,
Against this wall my spirit is slammed.
I dream about my past mistakes,
And how often my heart breaks!
I hate Going Through Life in a masquerade,
And making people think I have it made.
I stand alone,
I stand as stone.
I hide in the dark shadows of night,
Questioning every decision if it's right!
I don't like to get close to anyone I know,
Because I know their true selves will show.
All I know will stab me in the back in the end,
That is why I smile and like to play pretend.
I act Like I am Happy and glad,
When inside, I am depressed and sad!
I have been like this for a long time,
As long as the bells have chimed!
This will probably be my last work of art,
So I write every word straight from my heart.
My Heart and soul are bleeding from the knife,
If only someone would take my life.
I do what elders tell me to do,
So I do not waste my time to argue.
Life is short I know,
And Innocence, pure as snow!
I think at night what I have done,
I think of the man that I've become.
Yes I know my poem is quite long,
But you must know where you belong.
I am still just beginning,
Only as much as I am sinning!
Some of my words to your mind may allude,
This is the end of my prelude.


What is my life worth?
Could it be it was worth endign at my birth?
If this work of art survives the ages,
I ask forgiveness for writing many pages.
The words I write on this page,
Are common words of my age.
All my life I have been living a lie,
This lie I suffer is enough to make me die.
I suffer in life looking for acceptance,
When in reality all I am to everyone is a pestilence.
I try to act like something I am not,
And hatred is what I wrought!
I have learned all my life you reap what you sow,
So becareful wherever you will go.
As a child I saw my older self in a dream,
Now that I'm older that vision stayed obscene.
This wicked path I have taken,
And righteousness that I've mistaken.
I am always in the way,
Night and day.
I try to help out,
And only shout.
What I do means nothing,
So I sit here brooding.
Why can't I be the same?
Why am I covered in shame?
I want to be like I was before,
Be pure again forever more.
When I try to get close to someone,
I am left alone as if I'm no one.
It doesn't seem anyone cares,
I can tell through their stares.
I am not one to complain,
For my lasting pain.
It's my own problem,
Even if I can't solve them.
Tears are falling as I write this story,
A story that will make history.
If you read this than please don't go,
Down this wicked road.
Listen to me when I say,
Listen to morality every day.
Life may get tough,
But there's jsut not enough.
There is only one thing in this life I wanted more than anything above,
The only thing in this life that I desire and need is love.
This life is so empty without this,
This leson is easy to miss.
It's not all bad,
Even if I am always sad,
I just wish I could go back,
And just fade to black.
Much of this life I have no use,
Because the ones around me I abuse.
I think I am filled with too much hate,
And I jsut can't seem to separate.
Be careful with your actions my friend,
They will mean alot to you in the end.
But is it the end?
or will we start over again?
There is no such thing as as death,
We never truly take a last breath.
Death is not the end, but the beggining.
A beggining never truly has an ending.
Through my eyes I have seen a great deal,
Things that can make the gods kneel.
To is live is to die,
And to die is wonder why.
This is what I have learned,
But nothing, have I earned.
For a life of strife,
Was all I had in life.


You have heard my story,
Now it is time to sleep eternally.
Pray I to you, you shall sleep no more,
Alive am I, nevermore!
If you do not repeat my past,
Your rewards shall be vast.
My ballad is now over,
And i dance with the eternal lover.
I will now take my chance,
And join death in a final dance.
This story is one of my life,
The life ended my the knife.
It is too late for me,
so i write this so you can see,
what will last eternally.
my soul will always live on,
even though my body will be gone.
Now you may wonder as to why i wrote this,
Why i have succomd to empty bliss...
It is because I have found no pleasure,
I have found nothing to treasure.
If there is anything i leave behind,
I want it to echo in time.
I also wrote this to teach you,
That some pain is never through.
I have suffered much pain for my sin,
And so much pain i held with in.
This piece of art is my last,
And yet I fall into the past.
Say a prayer for me,
pray for my soul eternally.
I wish to say goodbye to you,
To finally bid adieu.
I hope we meet again,
For i have learned there is never an end.
There is one thing i have found out,
Is something everyone shouldknow about.
Here the words of my final breath,
Love is more powerful than death.
Do not believe the lies of this land,
Believe the words written by this hand.
Believe the words of an immortal verse,
Or you will soon lie in a herse.
Never let go of a single breath,
This concludes, the ballad of life and death.

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Shadow said...
Mar. 22, 2009 at 8:27 pm
U may be disabeled but ur most not be lettinng it get to u cause ur kickin some seris poet butt
roses.have.thorns. said...
Dec. 3, 2008 at 4:58 pm
wow, your poem is really inspiring. thanks for writing

p.s. i will try to live by your advice...always looking forward.
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