Definitions of Dreams

November 21, 2008
By Laura Smalley, Johnston, IA

Horrible Magic.
A nightmare
Won’t end,
And the blackness
Closes in.
Heart-pounding. Unexpected.
Walls spring open,
Doors won’t shut,
Wiry fingers edge down
Your spine.
Sheer terror. Dreadfully rapid.
Freight trains bellow
Toward you,
And just before
It crushes,
You jolt awake.
Unspeakable visions. Unwanted memories.
The unforgettable sight,
An image branded
Into your eye.
A scene too ghastly
To repeat.
Awful Spells.

Beautiful Secrets.
The sound of the
Rainbow rings in your ears.
Strange. Stunning.
Creatures of unforgettable
Brilliance ask your mind
To play.
Amazing. Mysterious.
Enchantresses twist riddles
In your slumber.
Exotic. Magnificent.
Decode the enigmas,
And descend deeper
Into the reverie.
Hidden Splendor.

Mysterious Creatures.
Nightmares and fantasies
Swirl into one.
A blend of
Light and dark
Existing side by side.

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