November 21, 2008
By Jesse Yu, Princeton Junction, NJ

The Turkey’s roasting,
All fat and brown,
Not a face in the room,
Is seen with a frown

Guests are arriving,
And stepping in,
Eying the food
Each face with a grin

Joy’s in the air,
The house is leaping,
There’s lots of chatter,
The oven’s beeping

The sizzling food approaches,
Guests with hungry looks,
Settle in their seats,
As their stomachs shook

Spoons and forks, flying into hands,
Food being passed, with every command

Mashed potatoes are steaming.
People’s faces are gleaming.
Food disappearing.
Tis’ the Thanksgiving meaning.

Voices over voices,
Memories and more,
People chatting loudly,
Not a moment of bore.

The time is approaching,
For guests to depart,
For Thanksgiving’s over,
Yet it remains in our heart

For you see my friends,

Love in the heart,

Just never ends.

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