Why Does My Sun Not Shine......?

November 21, 2008
Why does my sun not shine
And my eyes always cry
Why does my life have no meaning anymore
Wasting life if there were more
Dying relief
But tentative streak
Leaving my memoirs behind
Made my life prudent and safe
But lost in the moment of quiet lifelessness
Making each day without the selflessness
Crying to shove away the pain
Of dying release of your strain
The grip on my soul that you oppress
Am I making the right chose to accept
That you move on then why are you still hear
The roaring voice in my ear
Tells me that you want to stay
But for the same reasons you want to obey
The heavnly bliss
Supplied in your kiss
Makes it impossible to leave your side
Even when you leave and abide
Don’t you love me enough
To escape the pressure call it tough
Do you really love me I don’t care
I’ll just rub my hands in your brown hair
Look into your eyes and stare
At the world looking fare
At your smile that tames the sadness I try to control
You are my heart, mind, and soul
No one knows that you live
In my heart, soul, and head
Supplying the smile I wear everyday
You are on my mind, whatever I say
Everyday I want to let go
But how can I if I can’t control
Without your help
Why does my sun don’t shine
And my eyes always cry
Is because I love you
For you I’d die

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