November 21, 2008
By Paige Lloyd, Santo, TX

Have you ever felt so alone,
In a world so big.
Or broken hearted,
and ripped to shreds.
and don't know why.
Or accused of a lie?
Don't understand why people are so cold,
but yet you strive to be boild..
To get the nerve to fight the tears,
Even when your living in a horrible place,
and full of fear.
Being the outkast.
The person everytone loves to hate.
so full of pain and filled with disgrace.
Ashamed of your past,
and can't hold it back,
of why people love to hate..
and hate to love..
When love is a gift,
or something from above.
Enough pain to hurt yourself,
Just from words that someone said.
So tired of this drama your fed all the way up to your head.
The world is dark, and people are cole.
You have to have the strength to carry on

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