A New Beginning

November 21, 2008
By kelsey sosebee, Alpharetta, GA

Once again she’s on her pills
Her preference, ox cotton
She doesn't understand how it feels
There hasn't been a day in 2 years when
My parents haven't fought
It’s sometimes too embarrassing to
Have friends over
As she passes out in her pancakes
Her addiction is hard to cover
As 4 or 5 pills a day she takes
A dad fresh out of prison, not knowing what to do
Is it divorce, death or rehab?
He say” don’t worry things will soon be new"
30 day rehabs sure, let’s take a stab
A new mom we see as 30 days have par
Nobody knows for sure how long it will last
as dad freaks out with a relapsed mom
2 weeks are not even gone
Suicidal thought, she says cross her mind
My family, once again, she has put in a bind
We love her to death, don't get us wrong
But weak at the moment when we need to be strong
She endangers herself, why, I don't no
All I want to do is go
Anywhere but hear
When I should reality be near
It gets to a time when
There’s nothing but fear
My brothers and I don’t know
Which direction to steer
I love my mom with all of
My heart
That’s why I’m willing for a new start

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