November 21, 2008
By Rachelle Warnock, Pittsburgh, PA

You told me things would be alright
And for some reason, I believed you
We sat by the fire, you held me tight
And we stood strong despite the news
You took care of me when I was hurt
You opened your arms, and I came
But now the roles have been reversed
I know things won’t stay the same.

The things that you said, I might forget some
The things that you did, I won’t forget one
You’re gone and I’m dying on the inside…
The way that you smell, it will always stay with me
And the way that you smiled, lets me know that you miss me
And that I loved you just as much as you loved me
But you’re gone and it’s hard for me to be happy

Thoughts of you invade my mind
Of the hot summer day we met
You kissed my hand, and were so kind
And I know there’s no way I’ll forget.
You pushed the stray hairs out of my face
You wiped the tears away when I cried
And you held me tight in your embrace
But now all of that’s now died

The things that you hated, I won’t forget any
The things that you loved, there were oh so many
You’re gone, and you told me I’d be fine
The way that you walked, I’ll always remember
And the way that you laughed, that cold night in December
I knew that you were the one person who accepted me for me
But now that you’re gone, it’s hard for me to see…

Why you said that I’d be alright, cuz no one’s here to hold me through the night
And why you said you want me to move on, cuz moving out without you feels so wrong
I know that you want me to, so I’m giving it a try
I’m putting on my wings, so watch me baby as I fly

I trust that I’ll be fine again...after a while
And I know you’re watching me with a smile
Happy cuz I’m finally trying to move on

I wish you were here to see me on top
And to see that I’m smiling and I can’t stop
Cuz knowing you’re happy, makes me oh so happy too
In the back of my mind know I’m always thinking of you.

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by my friend Dillion. He was 20 years old and died from cancer in February 2008. It was written as a poem and I made it into a song. He was my best friend, and this piece is very close to my heart. I enjoyed writing it. I hope that other people who had lvoed ones die from cancer can relate to this poem.

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