November 21, 2008
You Don't Know Who I am
You Don't Know What I See
You Just Don't Know What To Expect From Me
You don't know what its like to be forgotten
not even remembered
not even singled out form the crowd
Naw, you think you know, but you have no idea
you don't know what i want to be
you don't know what i want to go out into the world to see
What i can truly be
Who i can truly be
You don't know why you pass judgment on a person you've never met
You just thinks shes shy and so unset
I'm surprised your minds didn't shed
When you thought what you thought
you thought it, but it was never said
So again i say,You don't know
You don't know what i go through
You just make up your minds and never try to pull through, What the hell is going though my mind and understand the hard times
Is my face just a disguise, That you can pass by
Just look into my eyes, And try to realize
What is truly there
Is it truly here
Do you understand that you can stand and let your voice be heard
To be noticed here
To be noticed there
Cant you see me here
I'm standing right here
Do you understand me now
Whats Coming out my mouth
Try to get it now
before you forget it how
I don't know how, because i just wrote it down
Just read and say wow
This poem is not meant to be understood
So don't try to understand it
Cause you just wont get it
Whats coming out my mouth
What i have written down
I just warned you now
So i dont know why you keep on trying to get it
Just let it fly away
And call this poem


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