A past to forget

November 24, 2008
By Bradlee Lewis, Park City, UT

A chill of wind down my back
My lips frozen with frost

The door creaks open
Revealing my past
A smile stands in the way
It seems dark and cold
Wrinkles show years of hope
Hope that someday
I would return
The smile welcomes me in
It says nothing
It touches my wrist
It grows greater
A tear touches its corner
But is quickly brushed away
Crushing silence comes upon us
I can hear the creaks
Creaks of a childhood
My childhood
I open my mouth
I smile
The silence breaks
Suddenly I feel home
A beard enters the room
It is dark and soft
It welcomes me
Not stubborn
Or hurtful
Like in the past
A new beard
Sensitive and sad
His heart was broken
When his smile left

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