November 24, 2008
There was something about that old 88’ Toyota
And the way he tilted his fox racing hat
I didn’t want a commitment
But after those brown eyes there was no looking back
He was air force ready, and Texas bound
With goals and ambition far beyond this tiny town
We cruised around on the hottest summer days
Avoiding staring eyes in the most ridiculous ways
Going to parties, a weekend at the cape
Unfortunate events, a quick escape
Hours upon hours inside of that truck
The creaky bench seat, running on pure luck
A memorable kiss, under the stars on the beach
My feet covered in sand, and I could hardly speak
A four hour drive, taking pictures of license plates
I was beyond determined to get all of the states
We went off roading daily, and boy did we get stuck
The hill was too washed out, mud all over his truck
The tunnel was my favorite, it still is today
The head lights hit the water, an instant light show display
The wind races through my hair
The country music floats out into the air
Every night we sit on my steps, laughing at each other
Stories after stories there’s always another
We went to the Quabbin just yesterday
Wearing flip flops and my jeans were so frayed
We walked along the damn
The entire time hand in hand
A quick kiss under a tree
I ran away, but he chased me
Back in the car, I feel my face stretch into a smile
I haven’t felt this way, in quite awhile
It happened so fast, but he swept me away
Everything I ever wanted, he’s my everyday.

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