Dreams vs. Reality

November 24, 2008
By charlytte williams, Henderson, NV

In my dreams a man
In reality a mere boy
Each day I see him in the halls
It gets harder to look at him
Not once does he look my way
I wait
In my dreams he smiles at me with those sparkling blue eyes
I’m the girl he wants
In reality I watch him with a new girl of the week
Blue-eyed, blonde hair, red head, green-eyed girls
Hoping he will finally make his way to me
I wait
In my dreams I’m the only girl
Strong, confident, and beautiful
With my shiny brown eyes and beautiful brown hair
In reality he and I are too far apart
Such a vast space between us
I wait
In my dreams he walks up to me to hug me
To hold me and caress my cheek
In reality he walks past me to her
Not for an instance does he hold me tight
Nor do I cross his sight
I wait
If only
But since not, I wait
Until one day as a man he sees me, a brown-eyed girl
And he will know
I have loved him since he was a boy.

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