Society of Chaos

November 24, 2008
By David Dunwoody, Rochester, NY

It’s so ridiculous

How the most mild-mannered individual

Can be altered into

A violent, vile creature

By today’s society

The news

The shoes

The clothes

The booze

Are aimed

To follow stereotypes

To ruin my life

But doesn’t anyone think

That I may not sink

In the unfathomable sea

As the Titanic

Do they not consider

That my mind may be

The boat of intelligence,

Excellence, and maybe even luxury

But society

Loves to waste

And loves to hate

Those with the most potential

Maybe behind the mask of color

And all of the discriminated layers of the human body

I may have the credentials

But again

Society keeps me

Under the radar,

And I can’t be seen

For whom I am

Because statistics say

That I will end up behind bars

Someday anyways

It seems like forever

African-Americans have been seen

Driving the invisible car

Of ignorance and aggression

And now, society

Will not allow me

To make a first impression;

In this world,

I am lost

And continue to pay the cost

Living under “the Boss”

In this despicable Society of Chaos

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this was a feeling of discrimination I felt whenever I walked past someone of another race. Some people would say "hi" or nod and acknowledge my existence, but the majority would try to cross the street or avoid all eye contact with me. I felt it was due to the racial differences, and so I wrote about it. Enjoy!

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