And the Sky is Blue

November 24, 2008
By McKenzie Wallace, Henderson, NV

The sun behind your eyes and your colored tongue
your earth tainted skin and the way you would
run beneath the trees still dripping with the night’s
rain onto your face and when you stopped and stood
I could see how they blended with the tears you
made and I cradled my hands to catch each one
and to each one was given and to each you gave
To everywhere you had been and had yet to be

To everything new and had yet to grow old

To everything dead and had yet to live

To everything touched and had yet to be felt

To everyone you met and had yet to meet

To every love ended and had yet to begin
and none were for yourself and none were for me
and you said tears are not sorrow or self pity
but truth streaming down your face
because of everything beautiful
and everything free

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