Spent Lives

November 24, 2008
By Anthony Carballo, Kettering, OH

Away from my family away from my home

I sit here in this desert cold, lying prone

With my weapon in my hand

And my thoughts so bleek and bland

That moment will come

When my enemies will secumb

The anger swells inside me

My friends and family beside me

Now! Sparks of light flash in the sky

All around me the bullets fly

Making streaks across the night

Of the ammo in its flight

No! theyʼve fallen around

me, theyʼre lying on the ground

My brothers have given up their lives

For this democracy, and so it strives

What was the worth of this great sacrifice?

Now my hearts as cold as ice

Iʼm madder than Iʼve ever been

Never again will I grin

I grab my gun ready to return

The death that in my soul does burn

I pull that trigger with all my might

I look straight down my gunʼs barrel sight

The fiend who slaughtered my brother

Is now dead just like the others

The fight is over on this cold night

I feel inside me a cold, cold fright

The battles over, more lives this war will spend

But in my heart, this raging war will never end.

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